How do I pay my deposit? I want to give you my money!

Relax, after you have filled out the registration form on this website you have ‘Registered’. We will be emailing out invoices to those people and you will then be able to pay.

How do I get to and from the event?

Edinburgh Airport serves most major cities, with both low cost airlines as well as premium and long haul flights. There is a great bus service which will take you from the airport to the city centre and/or port of Leith for a cost of just £1.60. Aberdeen has both an airport which flies to most major connection hubs and offers great train services both South to Edinburgh and North to Inverness. We will also try to organise “preferential rates” at some of the local hotels.

Is the Red Dress run included?

Yes. This will be a simple pub to pub run around the historic suburbs of Leith.

Is the Bash/Full Moon run included?

No. There will be a small additional cost for these events. Details will be sent out nearer the time.

Is all food and drinks included?

Yes. Beer wine and soft drinks will be included as well as food being freely available. There will be a surcharge for premium spirits. We will endeavour to supply local flavours of each of the locations where possible, offering food and beer from each of the islands.

Will we have to queue for hours for food?

No. Although us Brits love a good queue, the cruise company is used to mass feeding and has a crew of over 300 to serve your every needs and food will be readily available at all hours. We will also look to stagger arrivals and departures each day to further aid in this.

Will the crossing be rough?

Although we cannot guarantee perfect weather conditions, we will be sacrificing any new virgins that appear over the next 2 years to give us the best chance of good weather! The ship does have stabilisers, which help to smooth the crossing and is a large vessel and is designed to sail transatlantic crossings so should sail smoothly from location to location.

Will there be a stampede for busses?

No. We have learnt from some of the previous difficulties and hopefully will offer an effective departure service. Trails will be pre-booked, with dismemberment of the ferry being based on your departure busses (ball breakers, long trails, medium trails and short trails). You will be given a detailed itinerary of when to depart the ship. We will even measure the bridges to ensure the bus can get under them!

Will we know what’s happening and when?

Yes. We will generate an itinerary, and although we may deviate from it due to issues arising on the day, we will try to keep you informed as much as possible.

Will I spend hour waiting to collect my registration?

No. We will have a team of people registering you as you arrive, which should be quick and simple process.

Will there be Skits?

Yes. We would love you to create some live skit shows

Are children allowed?

No. Unfortunately due to the cruise liner we will be selecting, children are not allowed.

Will I have to share with lots of people?

No. Most of the cabins are 2 person cabins however there are a few 3 person cabins and a few 4 person cabins. You will be able to select the cabin you would like to call your home for the weekend.

You haven’t asked for much details!

We are trying to keep registration as simple as possible in the first instance. When you select and pay for your cabin next year, we will ask for all other pertinent information. We simply need to know who you are and how to contact you!

Can I be guaranteed to share with my partner?

We cannot guarantee you will be able to share but will try our best to ensure you can. The best way to guarantee sharing with your partner is to sign up as early as possible.

Why are you asking if I’m disabled?

There are only a limited number of disabled cabins onboard, and as such need to ensure that those needing a disabled cabin are able to get one and if not, will be informed that such a cabin will not be available. If your circumstances change and you will require a disable cabin, please email us as soon as possible with the information.

What is the mystery item?

The clue is in the name, it’s a mystery. The one thing we can guarantee you is that it won’t be another T-Shirt!

I am dead, can I get my money back?

We will assist you in transferring your registration and will raise a glass to our long lost Hasher